What another hot, humid & fun day…

What another hot, humid & fun day…

Another day has gone by in this humid weather, I’m all for the Sun but not when it’s hiding behind the clouds. Need to feel the sunlight on my cheeks and get my dose of vitamin d..

Been quite slack on my site recently but that will change soon I can assure you.

I, of course and doing camming and realtime sessions but now I usually only do with a deposit to secure booking as have had a few let downs recently which is very annoying. I do get that many chicken out or realize cannot afford the sessions maybe just got carried away when booking but this doesn’t mean that it’s OK to do.

I get that things happen last minute so I always ask to be notified at the earliest opportunity so can take another booking or plan out my day/evening accordingly.

One other thing a Sub, Sissy, Slave or any other name they wanna be called, doesn’t seem to get is that dommes have busy schedules and if provisionally take a booking without a deposit this can be a risk and many times I have put off another job cause of the booking have provisionally (with no deposit) but then gets cancelled last minute or I could be sitting there waiting for fuck all, as no ones coming.

So imagine, turning a booking away, planned ahead and have everything ready for the time agreed and scheduled and then narda, nothing not even a “sorry mistress something has come up” followed by some ridiculous excuse. I think that is very wrong and disrespectful and the decent thing would, is to let me know.

I am human too (believe it or not) and also may have to reschedule a session where needed but I would always give enough notice and if the case would carry on deposit already paid to another time and date we both could do but this but very rarely happens, if at all.

However, if a sub does not give me notice then of course goes without saying you would loose deposit as you would with anything you purchase online or enter verbal agreement but cancelled without notice, very simple rules if you ask me. Notice means can carry over, no notice means it’s a cost incurred by you, get it.

Anyway hope you get my drift, had a little ramble about time-wasters in my previous blog and now about the ones that don’t get why ask for deposit and may think that this is a way to get money from you instantly before blocking.

If a sub does their homework on a domme then he/she should never be ripped off.

My inbox is full of subs and slaves I have liaised with that tell me there horror stories after been chatting to me, should I feel sympathy …NO.. If you had came to be in the first instance then all would be good, sorry I cannot sympathize with you no more as have done many times.
Only so much I can hear it.

Anyway with love and hate

Xena x

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Too Hot to Handle….

Too Hot to Handle….

Hey there people…

All I can say is WOW this heat is pretty nuts, I am based in London and we are not used to such long periods of heat, without rain. It drizzled a little yesterday but the smallest amount. It needed it anyway.

I had a realtime session yesterday evening, with a local sub but he was sweating up in the collar and hogties. We actually ended the session earlier as he clearly couldn’t handle it, the heat got to him a bit also ? We had a bit of servitude and a little BDSM/Pain but he couldnt really take the heat plus he didnt want any marks whatsoever as had a suspcious wife that may inspect him when home, so left it like that and just had some short fun, but the little fucker got out of doing my dishes as that was next on the agenda for him to do.

Earlier today, I had a very rewarding ATM/Cashpoint meet – this is what I call findom (not money for femdom as that is totally different as a service is provided over some time)… This paypig was as good as they get simply wanting a quick meet, maximum withdrawal and then he walked away with a smile on his face – no doubt with a tingling in his pants also. He didnt want a slap, spit in face or any type of recording or pictures taken (ok maybe he wasnt the perfect paypig as the ones that don’t mind – are, as like to have as much as I can caught on cam, but understand a subs/pigs need for privacy as they must do mine).

I am getting really excited about my next project, which is my dungeon in South East London (if want to know specific location please contact me direct as on a need-to-know basis only at present). The dungeon will be located in the basement part of the building which gives it that authentic dungeon feel, with exposed brick work, cages and many other bits of equipment that will be available to use.

Upstairs, will be a clinical looking area for hire.. The place can be used for events, studio/photgraphy, make overs and of course webcamming, as will have a computer station with webcam and internet access set up. This is where I will be holding the up coming London #FSSG meeting’s on behalf of: www.femocracyglobal.com

I will also be holding other events there too (see my twitter for recent poll about what type of events the majority would like to see happen more often there).

The dungeon itself will be available to ALL the ladies in the FSSG movement at a very reduced rate but other than that it will be a private booking system, allowing only those I personally know to use it. I will of course be holding all my future sessions there apart for those special few who I will let come worship me in my home and serve me amongst my personal not professional surrroundings. It is not and will not be open for any public or randoms too book.

I am hoping the dungeon will be open after the summer here in London – as we will need a good 2 months or so to renovate it. I will be getting the keys handed to me anyway day now, exciting times.

Once again I am asking any subs who generally are hard working (labour) and/or have a trade that can be used in my new project then do get in touch as we can arrange something in return for one another’s services.

This was just a quick note, as said I was going to try do more of them in future.

Don’t be shy folks, come and say hi… show your support or just have a browse at my site – I hope you enjoy it.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

With Love & Hate lol….


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